Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can you help us?

After seeing my kitchen sink full of empty pop cans {a result of the Packer game last Sunday} I had an idea. Why not collect cans to make some money for the adoption?  After talking Owen and then to my brother & sister-in-law, we decided it was worth a shot.
So, this is where I ask for your help.  Would you consider donating your empty cans to us?
We have figured out 3 different ways to do this:
1) We provide you with a garbage can (or rubbermaid bin depending on the size you think you'll need).  When it gets full, get a hold of us and we'll come and empty it.
2) We provide you with a garbage can/bin.  When it gets full, you can swing by our house and exchange your full can for an empty one.
3)We can pick up (or you can drop off) your full bags.

We will rinse out & crush the cans.  We will pick them up (locally). 
We will do all the lifting and sticky work.
All we request are your used cans!
If you're willing, please contact me (leave a comment, email , call or facebook us) and we will get it set up.  All money received from the cans will go into a designated adoption account.

 ~Owen Katie Sid & Lil

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