Monday, February 28, 2011


The adoption process is often a waiting game.  {The words adoption and quick are rarely in the same sentence} That is where we are at- waiting. 
We have officially signed on with Holt International, who is one of the founders of international adoption.  To this day, nations still look to them for their expertise in this area.  They are faith based, but it's not an "in your face approach."  They are looking to change the world for orphans. 
James 1:27 tells us to care for the widows and orphans.  Many people think that means to adopt- it doesn't.  God may call me to adopt, but he doesn't call all Christians to adopt- he calls for us to care for them.  Holt is taking children who are orphans, abandoned, or vulnerable and they find sponsors for them....they care for them.  The children all have "lost their parents or are at risk of losing their families due to illness, poverty or other hardships".  Not only do they have a child sponsorship program, but they allow people to donate items that can change lives.  Livestock, medical care, school supplies, etc... are all items that, for the poor, will help to end the cycle of poverty that affects so many families.....caring for them
A unique thing about Holt is that when they receive children to be placed for up for adoption, they don't allow families to place their children for the sole reason of poverty.  If a family comes to them and truly loves their children, but can't provide basic necessities, Holt provides them with what they need to help get a fresh start. Whether it be a cow or chickens, vocational training, or just fresh water, they come alongside the poorest of the poor to provide the education and items needed to change their lives......caring for them.

And THAT is the reason why we chose Holt.

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