Sunday, March 13, 2011


Necklace Tab: I have recently started making adoption inspired necklaces and selling them online.  My idea behind this is two-fold.  First, it was a unique idea that allows me to create something that will {hopefully} raise money for the adoption.
Second, I noticed a lot of families adopting were selling t-shirts as fundraisers.  I would love to support them, but there is no way I can spend $100 on t-shirts for every family that I know of selling them.  I even have a hard time justifying $25 when it could go towards our own adoption.  {I also knew that if I couldn't afford it, how many other families couldn't.}  So, I decided to offer my necklaces to families in the process of adopting so that they can, in turn, sell them and have an affordable option towards fund-raising.
To learn more about my necklaces, click here or on the tab at the top labeled NECKLACES.

Aluminum Can Tab: This is the tab that gives information on our pop can drive.  We are currently collecting aluminum cans to help raise the money for the remaining adoption fees.

Prayer Request Tab: This is where we will post prayer requests.  I wanted a specific list that we can not only write our prayer requests, but we can write the answers to prayer.

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