Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ethiopian Adoption Updates

What a roller coaster these past 2 weeks have been.  I mentioned it in the prayer requests, but not on here because I wasn't going to get worked up over it.  I didn't even tell our families about it because I knew God was in control and it wasn't worth stressing everyone out about it.
About 2 weeks ago, MOWA (the part of the Ethiopian gov't that processes adoptions) announced they would be cutting the number of adoptions the judges see by 90%.  There were even rumors of Ethiopian adoptions closing completely.  Thanks to our agency, we get updates every day telling us if there is any new news.  {One thing I like about our agency, they only inform us when they are sure about something. If they can't confirm or deny some of the rumors going around, they will say they don't know.  I'd rather be the last to hear the rumor and have it be true, than be the first to hear it untrue.}  Well, the MOWA person who decided to cut the adoptions was fired and we heard they were possibly revamping the program.
Today, we got good news.  A conference call between the Dept. of State confirmed that there is no slow down of adoptions.  I heard that another very large agency even sent out an email to their clients stating that over the next few weeks, there will be major staffing changes and transitions.  But, once everyone is settled into their new positions, there will probably be an increase in cases!
This is such a relief!  Talk about an answer to 10,000+ families' prayers.

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