Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yup, and not in a good way. Yesterday was a rough day for us.
While doing the file check to finalize our home study, they couldn't find one of our references.  I asked them to double check, because this person HAD TO have returned it.  It was due 6+ months ago..... This guy asks us almost weekly how the adoption is going.  He HAD to have sent it back in.  They look- nope, no reference.  Owen contacts him- he FORGOT to send it. I kid you not. Yup. 

I also called Jamaica yesterday.  The worker said she mailed it.  She was very surprised we hadn't gotten it yet.  She said she'd mail a new one out.  It dawned on me that maybe they sent it to the house address instead of the PO Box (we don't have a mailbox at our house).  I told her to make sure it was sent to the PO Box. I told Owen about the possible mix-up and we decided to put up a mailbox (temporarily) just in case it is still in transit.  So this morning, as we were leaving for work & school, I realized that we were too busy to put up the mailbox last night.  So I asked him if he could do it really quick.  An hour + later, he had it finished.  He stopped in the store on his way to work and said he just stopped at the post office (this is our daily ritual.  he goes to the post office.  When he tells me he went to the post office, I get excited and ask if there was anything from Jamaica and he always responds no.)  His response: "There's no mail today.  It's Veteran's Day."  So he did all that hard work and was late for work for no reason.
Oh well, at least it will be up for tomorrow!
So, I guess our little one isn't ready to come home yet.  Everything will work out when it's supposed to.

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