Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/4 update

It is now 4 weeks and 2 days since our approval from Jamaica (it's actually a pre-approval.)  We have yet to receive our next packet.  I emailed our worker in Jamaica today and if I don't hear back, I am going to start calling on Tuesday.  When dealing with the Jamaica gov't, it's best if you have patience, persistence & politeness.

Our home study is finished, but not finalized.  That should be any day and I would be thrilled if it occurred before Saturday so we could review everything while we are at an adoption training/meeting at our agency. It would cut down on the travel time drastically (6+ hours) and would save us lots of money (gas, food, etc...) 

As soon as we get that finalized, we can start filling out VISA paperwork so that when we do get a referral from Jamaica, we'll be a bit ahead of the process. (I heard that filling out the "pre-VISA" paperwork cuts waiting time down from 8+ weeks to 2-6 weeks)  I am also waiting to get paid for a wedding I shot a couple weeks ago so that we can pay for the VISA.  Ironically (or more like God has this all figured out) the amount I'm being paid for the wedding is the same amount the VISA & FBI fingerprinting stuff costs.

Passports came today for Owen and I!!!!!!!!  We are very excited.  We want to bring the kids down with us, but we're debating on it.  If we had an abundance of money, we'd do it in a heartbeat, but we're praying and if the girls are supposed to come with, God will give us the resources, just like He has for everything else. 
I think that's about it.....thanks for checking in on us!

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