Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I can honestly say, we have been busy!
In early June, we were blessed with the opportunity to make breakfasts for the Fireside Cafe at church on Sunday mornings.  Usually the youth mission teams do this, but since they're all on their mission trips, nobody was available to do it.  We will continue doing this throughout the summer (and maybe a bit longer?). We have found out that so many people in our church have some sort of tie to adoption and/or Ethiopia and we never would have known had it not been for this opportunity.

Over MuskyFest, we had a bake sale to raise money for the adoption.  Thank you to all who came out to support us!!!!!   The first day,we made about $200 and the second day, we made about $125.  We put the money in our adoption jar to be deposited the next banking day. When I went to go count it for the deposit, there was $425 in there!  Yes, we counted all of it multiple times, but the numbers were all the same.....we had an extra $100 in there when it was time to make the deposit.  {The Lord will provide!}

The next weekend (1st of July) we had a bad storm come through our area. Our house got hit and we need a new roof, our privacy fence got torn down, and some other things got damaged.  We're thankful for our insurance!

We decided to postpone our yard sale (from the 8th & 9th to the 15th &16th) so we would have extra time to clean up the mess. Since our roof is so steep, we had to rent a lift to get up on the roof to nail tarps down. Owen had gotten about 40' up in the air, over the middle of our yard when the lift died. He was stuck up there for quite some time before we could find the emergency button.  We (or I should say Owen) eventually got the tarps over everything. He spent from 10-3 working on it.

That leads me to this upcoming weekend-
we are having a big garage sale on Friday and Saturday in the garage of the Christian bookstore (2nd & California).  3 families are going together on it and there will be lots of stuff.  Right now, our house is torn apart with getting everything ready- I can't wait to get it all out!

I have an adoption related post coming up soon.
Thanks for checking in!

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