Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another "God thing" update

So, I left you with our Christmas story.  God worked out these amazing details of providing us the remaining money that we needed to finalize the homestudy (it was finished, but it had to be legally finalized and we didn't realize there were extra fees thrown in there too)  Not only did He provide the money we needed, but He provided the money to pay for the VISA paperwork too.
So, all this happened and I was floating on air.  Then a situation arose and it got me discouraged.  Not about the adoption, but about life in general (It has nothing to do with me or our immediate family, but a family member.)  How quickly things can change!  One minute, I'm in happy tears and the next, I'm disgusted with pretty much all humans.
So, the next day, I go to work and about an hour later, Owen comes in with a huge smile on his face.  I ask him 1) why he's not at work and 2) why does he have a huge grin on his face
He just handed me 2 envelopes and kept grinning.  The first one is from our adoption agency and is holding very important paperwork. The second one is a thick envelope from Jamaica!!!!! It was the paperwork that was supposed to have been mailed months ago! Not only that, but it was NEW & Updated!!!! (Meaning Jamaica is starting to overhaul their adoption & orphan care system.  It is the first in a long process, but it is nice knowing that they are starting to fix some of the issues.)
It was as if God was saying "See, I am going to provide the things you need in My time and you just need to follow Me. This is what you need to be doing and don't question it!"

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