Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of Nov update.......

On Sat, we had a meeting with our caseworker and went over our file.  Honestly, I'm disappointed.  I shouldn't be- we're doing this in God's time, not ours, but I let myself/my heart get ahead of the process.
The good news: our reference turned in the letter (that was due at the end of march!!!!)
Our adoption agency is changing the process of things and we are required for our FBI background check to clear before our homestudy will officially be finalized.  This will probably take 8-12 weeks.  The silver lining (I'm looking at it that way so that I don't cry) is that there is a $1600 fee that we have to pay the agency to finalize the homestudy that I overlooked.  We obviously don't have a spare $1600 laying around, so I'm glad we have 8-12 weeks to try to save it up/work some extra hours.  (Nice silver lining, huh?) 

Then, as soon as that is finalized, we have to pay UCIS for the pre-visa (I600A) paperwork.  This will probably take another 8-12 weeks.  Then, once that gets finalized, it will be another couple (up to 8) weeks before the visa (I600) is approved.

Somewhere in the 12-24 week mark should be when we get a referral, granted Jamaica doesn't hold things up (yes, that is everyone who has ever adopted from Jamaica laughing their butts off)

So, it will be close to 32 weeks before we get our baby home.  (insert sigh)

I know there is a reason for this, but I really wanted to spend the summer with all 3 kids.  When we thought things were moving along faster, I got excited.  Plus, with the holidays coming up, I can't help but think about him/her.
Would you pray for me (my attitude needs to change)?  Would you pray for this whole process?  Would you pray for finances and that the FBI checks come back quickly as well as the visa paperwork? 
Thank you!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear the disappointing news...it is never fun to get updates like that. But like you say, this is in God's time, and in His way, and keep faith in that. Your little one is out there waiting for you, and don't let go of that thought!! The hardships and disappointments you endure now will all be worth it when you are united with your baby. We will keep on praying for your family!

    Hoping that you all have a great Thanksgiving, and please say "hi" to everyone for us! We are so looking forward to this Sun. I got the invites in the mail, and they are adorable! Thank you, and we'll see you soon!


  2. Praying! It sucks to be so disappointed. Hope you can lift it up to HIM and tell HIM how bad it feels. AND, I pray that He will minister to you. I pray for the funds to come in. He's ABLE.