Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for an update

It is time for an update! 
After my pay check last week, we had saved up enough $ to proceed with the next step in the adoption.  We are VERY excited (and nervous). 
Up until last week, I had been calling Jamaica every day (thanks to a contact at Embracing Orphans, I actually had the name of a person to ask for!) for weeks, but unfortunately, Jamaica got hit with a tropical storm last Tuesday and I decided it was best to not call for a bit.  I called back today and got the lady I was looking for on my 2nd call! She isn't in the office where our file *might* be, but she did take our email address so that she can email us on Wed when she gets into that office.  I think we're making progress!
Our kids are starting to get excited and are constantly talking about "the baby."  It is so cute, but leaves me trying to not show tears everytime they bring it up.  I don't think there's been a conversation in our house lately that has not mentioned "the baby" or "adoptin' a baby".  I am blessed beyond measure with those 2 girls!
Here are a couple prayer requests:
1) Please continue to pray for Jamaica as they recover from tropical storm Nicole. 13 are dead, 8 still missing. The Nest (an orphanage) has been without power since last Tuesday and schools closed (open today). Praise God, the road has been repaired enough to get a vehicle over but still needs more done.
Estimated damage to Jamaica is $12 billlion. They don't have it. (this prayer request was taken directly off of their facebook page)
2) Please continue to pray for our adoption, our famiy and our future child.
  ~   That we can find the right connections & contacts in Jamaica, as well as a speedy & acurate response from the current CDA worker.
  ~   We are still saving every penny for upcoming expenses (which are A LOT!) The Lord has graciously provided for us already, so we have no doubt, He will continue to provide. Please pray that He continues to bless us.  We are thankful He was able to increase my hours at work, as well as provided us with quite a few "lost" bills found in jacket and pants pockets that added up quickly.  After writing out our BIG check to the agency last week, our adoption account has $5.60 in it.  But we have the faith that it will go up as we need it.
  ~   That our family is well prepared for another child and that our children continue to love and pray for the sibling they've never met. It is so cute to see them so excited, but I don't want their hearts to get broken if something goes wrong.
  ~   That "our" baby is found quickly and there are no parental issues blocking us from bringing him/her home.  Also, that we know that he/she is the child for us and for protection over them until we can get them home safetly.
Thank you!!!!

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  1. Unbelievable...I can't imagine the patience and frustration. I have only dealt with it for 4 days!! I will pray for you and your sweet family. Hang in there!